Staying On The Workout Wagon Through The Holidays

Falling off the Wagon

The holidays are quickly approaching and this year I vow to not fall off the workout wagon. This will be a really hard challenge for me. There’s so many parties and dinners coming up I don’t know if my healthy living lifestyle will survive. I’ve devised a plan to keep me from falling completely off the wagon. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Keep my workout schedule as close to normal as possible. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are usually my workout days. I doubt I will see a workout on Thanksgiving so my plan is to go on Wednesday and get a good bit of cardio in. This should lessen my guilt when I sit down to Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Plan my cheat days in advance. Friday and Saturday are my splurge days. I try to eat very clean Sunday through Thursday and slack off on my cheat days. It keeps me sane. The holidays don’t fall on my cheat days to I plan to adjust. Next week Thursday and Friday will be my cheat days and I pray it doesn’t roll over into Saturday.
  • Practicing portion control. Though I would love to eat an entire plate of dressing, I won’t. Nor will I eat three small plates of dressing consecutively. This year I plan to eat normal and maybe even smaller portions
  • Make my favorite foods healthier. I’m on the hunt for healthier ways to make my favorite dishes. Instead of fat soaked collard greens I’ll make roasted green beans and instead of sweet potato soufflé I will make baked sweet potatoes. Baby steps, baby steps.
  • I will NOT obsess over the scale! The truth is, I probably will gain a couple of pounds during the holidays, but it’s ok. If I stick to my plan the cardio will hopefully balance out my meals. If not, there’s always that New Year’s resolution to lose weight (lol).

As the saying goes: If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Wish me luck! I can already taste the yummy desserts, mac and cheese, dressing, and cocktails.

What’s your plan to stay on the workout wagon through the holidays? Share it!

Ballin’ On A Budget

Money (69/365th)

Image Courtesy of PandaBob on Flickr

I don’t know about you, but I have not quite reached “Baller” status. I often get caught with champagne taste that my Boone’s Farm budget can’t handle. With the weekend upon us I wanted to share a few things that I use to stretch my dollars. I apologize if some of these are not available in your area.

ScoutMob is an app that gives you 50% off (in most cases) food, clothing, beauty services, etc. The best thing about Scoutmob is that you don’t have to pre-purchase anything. Bad news is you can only use the deal once. My suggestion, take a friend(s) with a Smartphone and you can go back and use theirs the next time! This app can be found in the App Store and Android Play Store. has gift certificates in various denominations. To take full advantage of this site sign up for their newsletters. They will send you coupon codes to use at checkout. I once got a $50 certificate for $1.75! Now that’s ballin! If I don’t have a coupon code I don’t buy a deal. The catch is that some restaurants have a minimum order amount. This is great if you are going with a group and they never expire. They’ve also released an app.

I sign up for newsletters with all of my favorite businesses. They send me countless coupons and deals. It can overload my inbox so I use a secondary e-mail address such as my Yahoo! account to send those emails to. I check it regularly and I don’t have to worry about an important e-mails being buried in my GMail account. I have no shame when it comes to buying dinner with a coupon. Why pay full price when you don’t have to? That’s just crazy talk.

The first two are my favorite apps, but no post would be complete without mentioning: Groupon, Half Off Depot, and LivingSocial. I’m know there are more apps with the same concept but I’ve found these work best. I’ve used these deals for gifts, vitamins, workout equipment, workout classes, teeth whitening, and almost anything else you can think of. As a matter of fact, I have one for rock climbing that I need to use!

Getaway deals are popular as well. The apps mentioned before and TravelZoo have great travel deals. Take a vacation at a very discounted rate. When I travel I check to see if my favorite apps are available there too. That’s a double whammy!

Some of you are probably thinking this isn’t earth shattering news, but in the past month I’ve had to introduce at least 10 people to these tips. Not everyone can be as trendy you (pat yourself on the back). Take this time to try something new at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy! Have a great weekend.

Do you have a suggestion for “ballin” on a budget”? Please share it. I’m always looking for ways to stretch a buck.